Walk Challenge Toolkit

Walk Challenge Toolkit

Thank you for participating in The 2020 Walk with a Doc Challenge. We know that we’re stronger in numbers, so let’s pack Kilimanjaro to the brim! Please use the tools below to encourage friends and family to join in on the journey. Let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information.


After registering for the Challenge, you can use the simple sharing tools on the Racery page:

Follow our social media channels for easy-to-share content:

Post on your social media accounts:

Be sure to tag @walkwithadoc and use #WWADchallenge in your posts. See the example posts below and please note – if you copy and paste a post to Facebook, make sure you adjust the @walkwithadoc tag so that we actually get tagged. Twitter and Instagram will tag us automatically.

Invite Others to Participate:

Join me for The 2020 @walkwithadoc Challenge – Kilimanjaro! This two-week virtual adventure follows a 44-mile trail to the highest peak in Africa. No passport needed! All you need is a spirit of adventure and your walking shoes. Learn more and register at www.walkwithadoc.org/challenge

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Fundraising Request:

Will you help me climb Mount Kilimanjaro? I am signed up for The 2020 @walkwithadoc Challenge, a virtual 44-mile trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! Please consider supporting my journey by making a donation – just click here and search for my name: https://walkwithadoc.racery.com/r/kilimanjaro/
All proceeds support Walk with a Doc, a nonprofit that leads free physician-led walking groups.

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Profile Picture Frame:

Update your Facebook profile picture to let your friends know that you have accepted the challenge!

Desktop Instructions:
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click Here
3. Click “Use as Profile Picture”

App Instructions:
1. Open the Facebook app
2. Click on your profile picture
3. Click “Add Frame”
3. Search “2020 Walk with a Doc Challenge” and select it
4. Click “Save”

Send an Email:

Copy and paste the email below, or click the button to open a pre-populated email.

Hi (insert name), 

I am excited to tell you about an adventure I have signed up for – I will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. It is a 44-mile trek and I will complete the full distance over a two week period.  

Don’t worry, I am not going to be scaling any mountains! In fact, I am not traveling at all. This adventure is virtual! This is The 2020 Walk with a Doc Challenge – Kilimanjaro!  

Would you like to join me? It is easy to register, just click here. And if you can’t participate, would you consider supporting my journey? Any amount of support will be greatly appreciated and again it is simple, just click here and search for my name. All proceeds go to supporting Walk with a Doc, a nonprofit that leads free physician-led walking groups. 

I am excited to challenge myself with this and I am grateful for your support!