Marietta, Georgia

Hi and Welcome! We are so excited to bring this initiative to our community! It began in 2005 by a cardiologist named Dr. David Sabgir. He was constantly speaking with his patients about the power of physical movement to prevent and treat heart disease. He eventually came to the conclusion that helping patients translate knowledge into action would require, well, action. He began walking with patients in his community and there are now over 500 chapters worldwide.

Just as regular physical movement improves heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes it also helps alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. Unfortunately, we relate to Dr. Sabgir’s experience that talking with patients about physical activity doesn’t always result in action.

With this rationale and context in mind, we invite you to take a free mental health walk with us each month. Before each walk we’ll spend a few minutes talking about one strategy to improve mental health – mindfulness, forgiveness, healthy boundaries, sleep hygiene, etc. After that, we’ll simply walk, talk, and take joy in the great outdoors.

City and State:
Marietta, Georgia

Powered By:
Spring Psychological Services, LLC

Upcoming Walks:
Walking the 1st Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM!

Walk Location:
Kennesaw Mountain National Park  – 902 Cheatham Hill Rd Marietta, Georgia 30064 (We’ll start at the Pigeon Hill parking lot at Kennesaw Mountain)

Lead Physicians:
Robin Casey, PsyD
Allison Christopher, PsyD

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