Virtual Walks By Topic

Virtual Walks By Topic


Dr. Gupta and Dr. Sabgir team up to share the importance of staying physically active and socially connected during the pandemic.
Dr. Ghiloni talks about how endorphins (the happy hormones) are released during exercise.

Dr. Smith talks about the health benefits of moving out in nature.
Dr. Calabrese heads out for a walk and encourages you to do the same.
Dr. Lane gives 7 tips for your next walk.


Dr. Mizelle shares some practical ways to incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine.
Dr. Gentile talks about genes vs recipes and how your lifestyle impacts your legacy.

Dr. Ray discusses numerous benefits of eating the recommended amount of fiber.

Mental Health

Dr. Carnsew gives ideas for how to relax and manage stress.
Dr. Huff discusses the practice of mindfulness.
Dr. Mohammed shares information from the CDC and tips on mental health.
Dr. Corson shares tips on how to protect your mental health during the pandemic.

Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Freeman discusses Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Sleep, and Love


Julie gives us an inside look at the life of a nurse working in a COVID-19 unit.
Dr. Riz gives us tips on how to properly wear a mask and different types that are available.

Dr. Vozza and her team share tips on how to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.
Gina and Dr. Trujillo give us important recommendations during COVID-19.

UAMS docs and future docs discuss the importance of movement and what life is like for a medical student.


Dr. Mohammed discusses the flu vaccine.

Heart Health

Dr. Needham shares ways to decrease your risk of hypertension (high blood pressure)
Dr. Sabgir discusses how to take care of your heart with the alphabet.

Immune System

Dr. Lemke shares several ways to strengthen your immune system.


Dr. Stiver shares important tips for your next virtual visit and discusses the current and future advantages of telemedicine

Kids & Families

Dr. Walty has tips for how to talk to your kids about COVID-19.
Dr. Pike discusses sending kids back to school and how to choose the right option for your family.

Additional Topics

Dr. Dunbar discusses the importance of vitamin D and how to get it.

Dr. Dave shares info on the fascinating science of smells.
Dr. Wee provides a 5 second rule that will put an end to procrastination.