Snohomish, Washington

Walking is the most natural form of exercise for your body to do. In fact we have an innate drive to learn to walk from birth. There is a common misconception that walking is not a particularly beneficial form of exercise. Think again. Walking is low impact (meaning it is easier on the joints than running), it burns off calories and gets your body moving in a natural way. Research has shown that you could gain two hours of life for each hour of regular exercise! That quick stroll around the block seems a little more worthwhile now, doesn’t it?

The Walk With The Doc program has a raving success since it started in 2005. Now coming to Washington we are aiming to create the same community of people who are proactively aiming to improve their health and mix with people who are doing the same.

You can walk alone, bring a friend or the entire family. Even the dog is welcome to join in! Often we will have Miss Cali along for the walks as well.  As for the doc who will be leading the walk, their aim is to be there to answer any questions you might have to do with your health and you can have a friendly chat while on your walk. And one of the best things about walking is it requires no expensive equipment, just a comfortable pair of shoes (and maybe a raincoat in consideration of the Pacific Northwest weather).

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Snohomish, Washington

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Walking every 4th Saturday of the month at 8AM

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Dr. Morgan Binnie, Chiropractor

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