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This program was created by David Sabgir, M.D., a cardiologist in Ohio. Dr. Sabgir wanted to encourage healthy physical activity in people of all ages, and to reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle geared toward improving societal health and well-being.

Our goal is to give patients and their families an opportunity to walk with our fantastic team of medical professionals for one hour one day a week at one of the Franciscan Health locations listed below.  Each physician will begin the walk with a short talk about a topic related to their field. Participants will have access to a few simple screenings and we will track their progress as they continue with the program. A snack and water will be provided. All activities will occur, regardless of weather (unless conditions are deemed dangerous). Updates regarding the program will be provided via email if an address is provided to us.


Michigan City: City Hall 100 E. Michigan Blvd
Dates: Check bay for 2024 events
Location: Walk/Run through Washington Park.
Inclement Weather: YMCA 1202 Spring Street, Michigan City, IN
Time: 5:30 pm (register)/ 6:00 pm begin walk
Contact: Nila Williams nila.williams@franciscanalliance.org  

Mooresville: Life Point Church of The Nazarene
Dates: Check back for 2024 events
Location: 825 N. Indiana St
Time: 11AM-Noon (Register onsite 10:45 AM)
Contact: Tina Hoffman Tina.Hoffmann@franciscanalliance.org

Franciscan Health Rensselaer
Dates: Check back for 2024 events
Location: Brookside Park/Weston Cemetery, 900 Block of Bunkum Road
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST (Register on-site 11:45 AM)
Contact: Katie Kent Kathleen.Kent@franciscanalliance.org

Shererville: Pennsy Greenway Trail
Dates: Check back for 2024 events
Location: Pennsy Greenway Trail Austin Ave & Park St.
Start at the circle rest area by the bike racks and benches
Time: 11AM-Noon (Register onsite 10:45 AM)
Contact: Stacy Zembala at stacy.zembala@franciscanalliance.org or Katie Kent Kathleen.Kent@FranciscanAlliance.org

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Franciscan Health

Upcoming Walks:
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Lead Physician:
Christopher “Topper” Doehring, Vice President Medical Affairs, Franciscan Health

Contact Information:
Courtney Palmer, Community Health Improvement Coordinator