Inspiring Communities through Movement and Conversation

With an aim to make health and happiness accessible to everyone, Walk with a Doc offers free walking programs in communities around the world led by local doctors, healthcare providers, or medical students. These ongoing events allow participants to safely walk, learn about current health topics, and meet new people. Take a STEP toward better health and join or start a walk today!

Get Paid to Walk

Walking and social connection are so important that walkers with an eligible health plan can now get paid for coming to Walk with a Doc events thanks to our partnership with Grouper.

New Walking Guide

How fast should I walk? How many steps should I take in a day? What do I do when the weather is bad? Our healthcare experts answer these questions and more in our new Walking Guide! Complete the form below to access the free guide.

Walking Guide

About Walk with a Doc

Walk with a Doc is a nonprofit that was started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. Initially aimed at helping patients get more physical activity, the benefits of the program go fay beyond a simple walk! The opportunity to build friendships within the community, spend time in nature, and receive free health education in a relaxed setting is an all-in-one “prescription” for better health.

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