Start a Walk – Benefits


Evidence-Based Program

Findings from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-supported research study support our program’s ability to increase participant physical activity, social connectedness, and knowledge of healthcare issues. Click here for a summary of the findings. Click here to check out some additional metrics.

Historical Backing

We’ve done all of the background work for you and are here to offer support as trouble comes up. We have worked hard as an organization to foster trust from community members. As our brand continues to grow, this trust draws more participation to our walks across the country.

WWAD Travels

We frequently hear from people who have moved cities and say, “Don’t worry I already found my local Walk with a Doc chapter.” The reach that we have as an international organization allows people to sustain the healthy strides that they’ve made through walking regardless of where they are. We want this reach to grow, so that people can travel anywhere in the world and know that they have someone to walk with.

Marketing Spending

Walk with a Doc membership includes liability insurance, tangible goods, and access to a wealth of electronic marketing material that you can use as-is or edit to meet your organization’s needs (read – less of a burden for your marketing team, so they can focus their efforts on dissemination).

Catchy and Fun Name

Because of our growth, the trademarked “Walk with a Doc” name has international brand recognition with fans far and wide. Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization, even gave us a shoutout on Twitter after he had a lot of fun walking with one of our chapters in Lisbon, Portugal.


Some people fear that we will take away their freedom to market, or to run their program as they like. We won’t! We are here as support. You know what’s best for your community, and it would be silly of us to try to control your efforts. We have tools and resources for you to use as you see fit.

Limited Competition

If another organization in your area attempts to start a walk, you will know about it. We will do our best to ensure they are not walking in a competing time slot or location.