Who We Are – Our Mission

Our Mission:

Walk with a Doc was started to “encourage physical activity and reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.” While that is still 100% true, we have found that the simple act of taking a walk together has the power to transform lives and communities. When we walk together, each step can bring us closer to truly understanding and appreciating each other as a global community.

Today, Walk with a Doc is inspiring communities through movement and conversation. We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice are integral to our mission and we are committed to prioritizing these principles in all of the work we do. 

Inspiring Communities

All communities. Walk with a Doc is a simple and sustainable program that can be implemented in any community. It is our organizational duty to ensure that individuals from every background and identity feel welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated at all of our events. We commit to continually working to identify, acknowledge, and dismantle inequities in our programming so underserved and marginalized communities have equal opportunities to participate.

Through Movement

Walk with a Doc brings people together for a common purpose – taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Walking truly is the best medicine and we want to make it safe, accessible, and fun for people around the world. The benefits are even more amplified when we have the opportunity to walk and roll with others in nature.

And Conversation

Each Walk with a Doc event is led by a volunteer healthcare provider who spends a few minutes talking about a relevant health topic. The walks are also an incredible opportunity for community members to connect, learn from each other, and celebrate both similarities and differences. These social connections are critical for a long and healthy life. We commit to creating a space of belonging where community members from all backgrounds feel safe and respected. 

Our Core Beliefs:

  • We believe that walking is medicine! At any age and any ability level, the simple act of walking and rolling has the power to change lives.
  • We believe in humanizing the healthcare experience by improving patient-physician relationships and disrupting the white-coat barrier. Our physician leaders connect with their communities outside of the office and walk directly beside them on their journey to better health.
  • We believe in empowering members of our global community with power and agency to take charge of their own health through preventative and lifestyle medicine. 
  • We believe that opportunities to learn about and improve health must be accessible for all, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, or disability status.