Why did you decide to pursue a career in nutrition?

I grew up in a home where food was a very integral part of our very being. I was an athlete and had great interest in fitness and nutrition. I saw the need to help people find a balance between wholesome, healthy and delicious food, and how they move. I love to cook and create a culinary experience with healthy foods. Being a registered dietitian was a natural fit.

What is your overall philosophy toward nutrition and a healthy lifestyle?

I believe food is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed and savored. As dietitians I feel we can help people find a healthy relationship with food and the world around them. I believe in bringing my clients practical and applicable approaches to improving their health, combating chronic disease, and managing their weight. Our bodies are the world’s most complex machine, we are all very unique in our needs, and thus require a very individual approach to nutrition and movement!

What are your top 3 bits of health advice?

1) Fuel your body well by maximizing intake of nutrient rich foods, meaning, eat your vegetables and fruits! Make these 1/2 of your plate.

2) There is a difference between snacks and treats: snacks are mini-meals meant to curb hunger and bridge the gap between meals…. an apple and string cheese; treats are meant for special times… Oreos are treats!

3) Hydrate well with WATER and occasionally milk if you like it. Leave the sugar sweetened beverages behind.

And I would add one more point…treat yourself with kindness always… we are not perfect!

What is your favorite nutrition resource?

Oh my, there are SO many! I will say that one of my favorite chefs is Ellie Krieger. She is an RD and a chef and has her own Food Network and PBS shows. Her cookbook “The Food You Crave” is my favorite. I also love resources like The Kitchn for great culinary advice, and EatRight (the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) for solid info, recipes, cooking tips, and resources for all ages.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Difficult roads often lead to the best places… are worth traveling those roads!