Support a Walk – Tools for Sharing

Tools for Sharing

Thank you for your willingness to share Walk with a Doc throughout your network as we transform healthcare around the world. Please use the tools below and let us know if you have questions or need any additional information.


Follow our channels for easy-to-share content:

Post on your social media accounts:

Be sure to tag @walkwithadoc and use #walkwithadoc in your posts so we can see what you’re up to and share with the world. See the example posts below and please note – if you copy and paste a post to Facebook, make sure you adjust the @walkwithadoc tag so that we actually get tagged and can like/share your post. Twitter and Instagram will tag us automatically.

Example social media posts:

@walkwithadoc is an international nonprofit that inspires communities through movement and conversation. These free physician-led walking groups allow participants to get some exercise, learn about health, and meet new friends. Learn more at or check out this video:

@walkwithadoc was started to get people moving, but the benefits far exceed a simple walk! The power of exercise, education, social connection, and nature are an all-in-one prescription for success. Find your nearest Walk or start a new one at


Share a Flyer:

Share this flyer with any healthcare professionals who might be interested in starting a new Walk with a Doc chapter.

Share this flyer with any community members and invite them to their local Walk with a Doc chapter.

Send an Email:

Copy and paste the email below, or click the button to open a pre-populated email.


I recently learned about a program called Walk with a Doc, and I believe it could have a huge impact on our community. The mission of the program is to inspire communities through movement and conversation with physician-led walking groups. Here’s a quick overview:

Walk with a Doc is looking for healthcare providers interested in walking with their communities. Thanks for taking a look to see if it’s something you might be interested in,!