Walk with a Doc Trailblazers

WWAD Trailblazers

Thanks to the 30 trailblazers who have signed up for this pilot program, which starts on Mon. June 29th and will run for 6 weeks!

During the pandemic, we launched our Virtual Walk with a Doc series and so many of you have all responded with enthusiasm. Now we want to test something – a virtual walking program that includes:

  • Our usual Saturday virtual walk and video
  • A way to keep you walking all week
  • A way for you to set and track goals
  • A way for you to earn rewards
  • Increase your knowledge about health topics
  • Create a virtual community
  • Improve your health and wellbeing

We don’t know when social distancing will end, and we also know that we don’t have WWAD chapters everywhere. So our goal is to see if we can create a program that is easy for you to use to keep moving every day, to work on other health goals, and to feel connected to a community of walkers, with or without our traditional walks.  The information we gain from the pilot program will give us great information on how to move forward (there is whispering about a WWAD app…)

As a reminder, here’s what you signed up for:

  • Commit to participate for the entire six weeks
  • Set weekly goals and report your results on Sunday of each week
  • Join and interact in the Trailblazer Facebook Group
  • Complete a survey at the end of the program so we can find out what worked and what didn’t.  This will allow us to develop a robust program that we can take to the world. 

We are excited to have you on this journey!

Weekly Challenges: 

  1. Walking! We suggest you strive for 7,500 steps each day or walk for 30 minutes five times each week. Whether you are a star walker or a beginner – you set the goal that is right for you and make sure to get out for a dedicated walk, specifically carving out time to go for a walk.
    • 1 point for each day you go for a dedicated walk, up to 7 points per week

  2. Water, water, water! We all need to drink more water!  Set a goal to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day.
    • 1 point for each day you consume at least 64 ounces of water, up to 7 points per week

  3. Learn and share! Every Saturday, watch this week’s Virtual Walk with a Doc video. For bonus points, email it to a friend or share it on social media including #VirtualWWAD and tagging @walkwithadoc.
    • 2 points for watching
    • 2 bonus points for sharing

  4. Health challenge! Every Thursday, tune into the Trailblazer Facebook Group for a health-related challenge.
    • 2 points for the week if you complete this challenge

  5. Get social! Post an update on the Trailblazer Facebook Group to share your experiences from the week. Encourage each other and stay connected.
    • 2 points for the week if you write at least one post

  6. Goal Setting! Each week, set a personal health goal. Make a plan. Get to work. Stick to it. Reach your goal!
    • 3 points for the week if you reach your goal

Meaure and Reset

Every Sunday starting July 5th, enter your results for the previous week and then set your personal goal for the upcoming week. Feel free to leave feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and what else you need.

** Twenty-five points are possible every week.

Repeat for six weeks!

If you complete the six weeks, submit your results, and complete a survey at the end, we will give you a little something extra! As our way of thanking you for your help, at the end of the 6-week pilot, we will convert all those points you earned into cash to shop on the Walk with a Doc store.

Celebrate!!! You are a trailblazer! Bask in your success and our appreciation!


A note to our Trailblazers… Congratulations!!! It has been a privilege to watch your progress over the course of the pilot program, and we have loved seeing the kindness, support, and encouragement you have provided to one another. You have inspired us!

Most of you said that you wanted this challenge to continue, even without the incentive of earning points. We heard you! So… here is what will happen for the time being:

  • The Facebook group will continue and we hope you will keep building connections and supporting each other. 
  • We have a new simple accountability tool so you will still be able to track your progress. Accountability, but no points! You will still track your progress every Sunday.
  • WWAD will provide a weekly health challenge on FB
  • WWAD will share the weekly Virtual Walk video from one of our doctors

This phase will continue while we gather the data from your surveys, and conduct some focus groups. All this will help WWAD to make the best decisions about the “next big step” for the Trailblazer Challenge. We will keep you informed of our progress.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Keep walking, keep talking on Facebook, and keep encouraging each other! You are simply, THE BEST!