WWAD Info For Healthcare Professionals

WWAD Info For Healthcare Professionals

If you’re a healthcare provider who has signed up to be a guest leader at a Walk with a Doc event, this short training module will get you prepared for the Walk! Take a few minutes to watch the videos and read the tips below, then complete the survey at the bottom of the page to earn your free t-shirt (limit one per chapter per month, while supplies last).

Thank you from Dr. David Sabgir

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to lead a Walk with a Doc event! I started walking with my patients in 2005 and honestly, it has 100% changed the way I practice medicine. The steps are nice. I enjoy sharing health tips and getting outdoors. But it’s the social connection that always leaves me feeling great.

Every week there are thousands of health professionals who volunteer to lead Walk with a Doc because they realize something. We need action. Talking about it is not getting it done in our fight against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, depression, dementia – you name it.
Now, walking? That gets it done.
Connecting? That gets it done.
Supporting each other? Gets it done.

This week, thousands of great people (like you) are coming together in parks all around the world and they are acting! Thank you for making Walk with a Doc possible. You have no idea the impact you’ll have on people simply by walking with them.

– Dr. David Sabgir, Cardiologist & Founder of Walk with a Doc

Step 1) Learn About WWAD

About Walk with a Doc

What you’re doing here

Step 2) Commit to Spreading the Word

Help your local Walk with a Doc chapter grow by inviting your patients, friends, and colleagues to join the Walk that you’re leading. After you complete the survey below, we’ll email you some ready-made tools to help spread the word.

Step 3) Get Ready to Lead a Walk

It’s time for the fun part! Grab your sneakers and get ready to walk with your community. At the beginning of the event, your chapter leader will likely get people signed in and welcome the group. Then it’s your time to shine! You’ll start with a brief health talk, then spend the remainder of the hour walking with participants, answering questions, and getting to know each other.

Tips for the Health Talk

  • Start on Time: It’s okay if people continue to trickle in while you are giving your talk.
  • Introduction: Don’t forget to introduce yourself (name, specialty, etc.) if your chapter leader didn’t already.
  • Health Topic: We’ll share some example topics that you can take a look at, but you’re welcome to speak on any health education subject that you’d like! You can choose a topic related to your specialty, something that’s been in the news lately, or a field that you’re passionate about.
  • Short and Sweet: 5-7 minutes is perfect – no PowerPoint presentation needed! Stick to the basics and don’t assume any prior knowledge. Feel free to bring some handouts if you want to send people home with additional information.
  • Be Positive: Keep it light, smile, and have fun! You’re providing an incredible opportunity for community members to connect, learn from each other, and celebrate both similarities and differences. The Walks are meant to be a space of belonging where community members from all backgrounds feel safe and respected.
  • One Final Note: Remember, this isn’t an appointment. Walk with a Doc events are meant for general health education, not to diagnose or treat any conditions. If people are asking questions outside of this framework, it’s okay to refer them to your office to schedule an appointment.

Tips for the Walk

  • Distance/Pace/Speed: We want the program to be accessible for all ages and abilities, so participants are welcome to break off into smaller groups based on speed or distance they’d like to walk. Try to visit with different groups throughout the event if possible. Consider walking with one group for a little while, then turn around and walk backward on the trail until you meet up with the next group.
  • Discussion: You’re welcome to answer health-related questions during the walk, but it’s not all about medical information at this point. Get to know the participants. Ask about their weekend plans, families, hobbies, vacations, when they joined WWAD, etc.
  • Wrap Up: In respect of your valuable time, we encourage you to take off at the end of the hour. Participants are welcome to continue walking if they’d like.
  • Feedback: If you have any feedback (good or bad) from the event, please bring that to your chapter leader or directly to WWAD HQ with the survey below.

Step 4) Complete the Survey

Thanks for taking the time to go through these materials. You’re ready to lead a walk! If you’re a licensed healthcare provider in the US, please complete the form below to redeem your free t-shirt (limit one per chapter per month, while supplies last).

Please reach out to WWAD Headquarters if you have questions or need anything.
Email: contact@walkwithadoc.org | Phone: 614-714-0407

If you’re a Walk Leader and want to order additional swag, you can visit our online shop.