Walk with a Doc Funding Options

Walk with a Doc Funding Options

As a nonprofit, we absolutely understand the challenges that come with raising funds. While we need to cover our costs of insurance, marketing materials, and merchandise for your new chapter, we certainly don’t want money to stop you from getting the community moving. Here are a couple of options that each have different ‘pros.’

Fundraising Ideas

Request Funding from Local Organizations

Click here to download a sponsorship request letter. You can just fill in a couple of blanks, and deliver this to local shoe stores, sporting goods stores, grocery stores, faith-based organizations, retirement communities, etc. We have found that those organizations get excited about the potential to increase their base, and are happy to help out. They can help you with marketing too! This option has the potential to create a beautiful community-wide partnership.

Online Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers are an easy way to ask friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to help cover some of the cost. Visit facebook.com/fund/walkwithadoc to create your fundraiser. After you set it up, please email us a link to the fundraiser so we can keep an eye on it and thank people! Any donations made to this fundraiser will be applied to your chapter startup fee.

If you don’t have Facebook, GoFundMe is another option.

If you’re a medical student, you could try GiveCampus.

Payment Plan

We can split the starter kit ($650) into a payment plan with a credit card. Payments are typically split into three installments of $216.67 and are automatically paid every four months. Click here to complete your first payment.

Scholarship Opportunities:

We ask that you please spend time with the options above before applying for a scholarship. If you aren’t able to produce enough funding for a starter kit ($650) then we have two scholarship opportunities available. All scholarship applications will be reviewed by Walk with a Doc’s scholarship committee.

Scholarship for Medical Students

The Dr. Annemarie Sommer Scholarship Fund allows us to offer scholarships for medical students that want to start a “Walk with a Future Doc” program in their community. If you’re a medical student, or you’re a doctor that is partnering with a group of medical students, you’re eligible to receive a scholarship up to the amount of a starter kit ($650). Click here to complete the application.

Scholarship for Healthcare Professionals

Our general scholarship can cover up to 50% ($325) of the WWAD starter kit. Click here to complete the application. Preference is given to those who are planning to start Walk with a Doc in an underserved and/or rural community.

Connect with Existing WWAD Programs:

If it’s not the right time for you to start your own Walk with a Doc chapter, we’d love to have you help support existing chapters that are already walking in your area! Search our map and let us know if there are any groups you’d like to connect with.