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Organization, Sport, Dynamics and Development of Social – Artistic & Sports Communities

Family Health at School in the Primary Care Program

There is an enormous amount of human ills that can be credited in part to physical inactivity, or its imperfect execution, which notably causes disorders considered serious. Sedentarism is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the greatest cause of illness and death on the planet.

Establishing youth as protagonists of these actions is the most viable proposal for solving problems, social, nutritional, physical disorders and expanding future possibilities, with greater possibilities of success and obeying UN guidelines, which the realization of human happiness.


The perfect interaction of distinct and distant age groups from the point of view of future perspectives will stimulate the strength and initiative of the younger generation; with the life experience of the elderly.

Essentially to maintaining and promoting the health of users of the Unified Health System – SUS, through individual and collective protocols, will provide a better use of the treatments instituted by the programs of the public health system.

Detect and establish early behaviors for any changes that occur in students, after physical, ophthalmic, audiometric, dental, nutritional and psycho-social assessments; which tests will serve to establish prophylactic and interventional measures to improve the quality and life expectancy of this population.

Inserting young people into health promotion, placing them as active agents in the practice of physical activity and cultural programs, keeping these young people away from the outbreaks of marginalization.

To add the efforts of education and health, enhancing the efforts to obtain more lasting results in the promotion and prevention of health and well-being.

Expanding living conditions and subsistence, always placing innumerable possibilities for improvement in the quality of life, as main elements within the established program.


The project uses its own formatting in the development of its protocols, always maintaining an evaluation with the intention of individualizing the procedures, for optimization of results.

Guidance to the participants, through updating clinics, organization of lectures, courses, technical conferences and events, scientific research with publications in magazines and periodicals, information on health, performing arts, music, dance and sports, acting in several areas related to quality of life, always aiming at increasing all activities, with a social development tool.

The team that acts in the project, keeps supervision over all the tasks in operation, always considering the interdisciplinary aspect of the protocols. To this end, professionals from various fields are involved in the areas of Health Sciences, Sports, Education and Social Action.

Evaluations are carried out through:

Standard Form;
Medical Anamnesis;
Physical / Functional Evaluation;
Nutritional Research;
Cardio – Pulmonary Conditioning Tests;
Tests of Muscle Strength and Flexibility;
Laboratory Dosages;
Psychopedagogical Research;
Specific exams with the case studied, in order to concatenate the largest number of information in the clinical, functional, nutritional and psychological fields.


All program participants will be submitted to evaluations performed within the schools, detecting the diseases and being submitted to protocols that aim at improving the psychological and social state of the patient / student attended.

They will be destined to engage in some of the workshops and activities that will be available, which will be: Medicinal and Nutritional Garden, Performing Arts, Musicalization, Dance, Sports Activities, where actions will be developed that will socialize and promote individual and collective health.

The available workshops and activities have different formatting so that behavioral modifications can be introduced; and that in any way will stimulate a healthier life and with fewer social and organic misfortunes and dismantles.

Clinical and functional assessments are performed initially to guide the protocol and periodically, according to the need presented in the treatment evolution.

All technical – scientific programming will be carried out according to the needs, obeying the criteria established by the project.


Partnerships with public and private institutions that work in the various areas related to Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Healthy Nutrition, Physical Conditioning, Sports Training and Functional Rehabilitation can be carried out.

The costs will be within the existing programs of the Ministry of Health, Family Health Programs (PSF) and Program of Community Health Agents (PACS), taking advantage of existing health professionals in the municipality.

City and Country:
Fortaleza, Brazil

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Lead Physician:
Dr. Bruno Tamegão Lopes de Noronha,
Sports Medicine
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