WWAFD Housekeeping Items

Thanks for checking out the housekeeping items to start a new Walk with a Future Doc chapter! Please reach out if you have questions or need any help. Once these items are complete, the fun can begin! We recommend completing these at least 4-6 weeks before your first walk. If you have questions or trouble with any of the forms, please email contact@walkwithadoc.org or give us a call at 614-714-0407.

WWAFD Housekeeping Items

Step 1) Sign the Marketing and Licensing Agreement

It is standard practice for us to enter into an agreement that contains the basic terms of use for our logos and also the basic requirements for establishing a walking program. If you’re a student, we encourage you to go over this form with your chapter’s advisor (see step 3). Please let us know if you have any questions or changes. We are flexible! First experience with a marketing and licensing agreement? Click here for a summary and brief explanation.

Step 2) Complete the WWAD Application

The application below will ask for information about you, your organization, and your walk location/schedule. Feel free to write “TBD” for anything that’s still in the works and we can update it later.

Step 3) Establish Partnerships

  • Find a physician or faculty member to serve as your chapter’s advisor. 
  • Find at least one more physician, resident, nurse, or other healthcare professional to commit to inviting their patients to your walks. The more health professionals you have on board, the better!
  • Reminder: at least one healthcare provider or staff member must be present at each walk.

Step 4) Choose a Membership Level

See below for our various membership levels. Please do not let cost be a barrier to starting a program. After reaching out to your school for funding, here are a few funding options. Thanks to Dr. Annemarie Sommer, we’re able to offer this scholarship opportunity if the above options don’t produce enough funding for the full amount of a starter kit membership.

As a reminder, all memberships include:

Our team is excited to share all of the best practices that we’ve learned over the years to help make your program successful. We’re easy to reach by phone or email anytime you need us.
All U.S. and Canada chapters will be fully insured under the Walk with a Doc umbrella so you don’t have to absorb any sort of risk. Walkers, physicians, and staff members are covered at your events, and we provide a waiver for all participants to sign.
All leaders will receive access to our online leader portal with a comprehensive marketing guide and editable materials. You’ll also gain access to our curated library of health talk ideas with ready-to-print handouts for your walkers.
Our team will build and maintain a webpage to outline your walk information and anything else you’d like to share about your organization. Your site will also be added to our website map. Click here for a sample.
When you sign up for membership, you will choose one of three merchandise packages to incentivize walkers and help you promote your chapter. See the package options below!

Select your membership + merchandise package below by clicking add to cart!

Optional Add On (not required!)

After choosing a merchandise package, maximize your impact by becoming a Premier Partner for an additional $2,500 per year and receive the following benefits:

Co-Branded Marketing & Merchandise:

  • Increase your brand awareness with the opportunity to add your logo to all electronic marketing materials and merchandise (eg. website, banner, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Your logo will be added to the materials in your initial merchandise package, as well as any merchandise orders throughout the year.

International Sponsor Recognition:

  • You’ll be featured on our website sponsor page.
  • Partners are highlighted in our international newsletter and social media accounts throughout the year, including a paid social media advertisement for your kickoff walk.
  • You’ll also have the option to sponsor special events with our other partners.

Mailing Address:

If you need to mail any housekeeping items to us, you can send them to: Walk with a Doc – PO Box 286, Riderwood, MD 21139

Contact Information:

Questions? We’re here to help! Check out this FAQ page, email contact@walkwithadoc.org, or call 614.714.0407.

Additional Resources:

Check out our Guide to Getting Started for a few pre-walk planning tips and suggestions. You’ll receive a full marketing guide and resources once your membership is official.

You can share this WWAD overview or this example presentation with anyone that needs more information.

We’ve also put together a webinar that walks you through the startup process: