Featured Doctor: Michael Rocha, MD

In this month’s featured Doc video, we’re joined by Dr. Michael Rocha from New Bedford, MA. Watch the video to learn why he joined Walk with a Doc, what he’s enjoyed about the experience, and the impact it’s had, or check out the transcript below!

“When you look at health care, unfortunately, what we do is we work in sick care. What we really need to do is focus more on well care. Public health should be made a priority, not a second thought. Walk with a Doc is the kind of work that is putting wellness and prevention where they should be. Medicine is more than just a profession – it’s a calling and it’s an oath to uphold the things that we’re supposed to be doing. Reaching out to your communities is what you’re supposed to be doing.

When you practice cardiology, you recognize that our pills and procedures are just not enough. Trying to get out into the community where you can meet people where they’re at, answer their questions, and also provide them with what is probably the best medicine both for their mental and physical well-being is walking. Some people could say ‘well, you’re just going for a walk. I could do that by myself.’ But these Walk with a Docs take on a much, much deeper meaning because what’s happening is you create a community.

One of our participants, her daughter pushed her around the walk in a wheelchair and we’ve had another person in his 90s walk with a walker for about a quarter-mile. When you see these folks that show up regardless of what their physical difficulties might be, or maybe their age, that’s pretty powerful. And those are the kinds of things that make you want to keep coming back and certainly inspire me and a lot of the other people to keep walking. Walk with a Doc is making a difference – what Dr. Sabgir started, I think has made an impact throughout the world. And we’re just really super grateful to be part of that.”

Thank you Dr. Rocha! If you are a healthcare professional interested in bringing Walk with a Doc to your area, please visit this page to get started.