National Walking Day

National Walking Day is on April 5, 2023! Our team at Walk with a Doc has had this date circled on our calendar for months. While we tend to find every reason we can to brag about the life-changing power of walking, the 1st Wednesday of April always gives us a good excuse to take […]

International Women’s Day: 4 Women Who Changed Healthcare

This year for women’s history month, we are highlighting four notable healthcare heroes who made groundbreaking contributions to their respective fields while fighting tirelessly to shatter the glass ceiling and open up opportunities for other women. Join us to learn more about these inspiring women and their accomplishments.  Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist […]

Celebrating Black Champions of Movement: 5 Leaders Who Inspire

February is Black History Month,  a time when we honor the rich perspectives and contributions of Black Americans. In the spirit of the month and the power of movement that drives our efforts daily at Walk with a Doc, we’re highlighting 5 inspiring leaders who motivate their communities to walk together. We invite you to check them out and learn more about their stories. 

Winchester, Virginia

At Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center, we believe that both a healthy body and a healthy mind are essential to healthy living. That’s why we approach health and fitness from a medical perspective. By partnering to establish a Walk with a Doc program in Winchester, we wish to encourage individuals in our community to […]