Featured Walker: Sherman from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sherman Transou owned a very successful commercial landscaping business for 11 years and was never sick a day in his life. In 2012 Sherman was treated for the shingles virus and three years later, doctors found that the treatment had caused a rare virus that aggressively attacked and enlarged his heart, restricting blood flow throughout his entire body. After 54 long days in the hospital and then 5 months of waiting, he finally received the call that would save his life: “Sherman, we found a matching heart donor.” He went in right away for an immediate transplant surgery.

The surgery was a success and did, in fact, save his life, but Sherman was unable to keep up with the strenuous physical demands of landscaping and sold his business. He followed his doctor’s recommendations and joined a heart support group at the hospital. One of the guest speakers, Dr. Charles German, recommended consistent exercise to maintain a strong heart. The physician explained that exercise actually helps build new pathways in the heart that can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. The lecture continued, but that was all Sherman needed to hear. “Even though I could barely walk without losing my breath,” he says, “I made a decision right there that I was committing to running a marathon.” Dr. German invited Sherman to join him at their local Walk with a Doc chapter, which is where he started to build up his initial strength. A few short months later, Sherman successfully ran his first half-marathon.

Today, Sherman runs a little every day to have fun, get outside, and engage his mind. He continues to attend Walk with a Doc with the hope that he can inspire others to maintain confidence and hope during hard times. He tells other participants, “My situation is no greater than yours. You just have to have a purpose or cause that you’re striving for.”

Sherman later had the opportunity to talk on the phone with the family of the woman who donated her heart. He thanked them for saving his life , and they’re now working on setting up a meeting so the family can hear their late daughter’s heartbeat one more time.

Want to get in touch with Sherman? He tells his story better than we do and he would love to connect with you! Simply send an email to contact@walkwithadoc.org and write, “Put me in touch with Sherman!”