Featured Walker: Liz From Chicago

For the past 20 years, Liz has been a fan of walking. Any time there was a walking event taking place in town, you could count on Liz being there! She has participated in many neighborhood walking groups, charity walks, and clubs centered around walk-based activity including volksmarching, orienteering, race walking, labyrinth, and of course Walk with a Doc!

Liz appreciates walking with others because it gives her a chance to connect with people who share her belief that walking is great medicine for body, mind, and soul.

“Taking a walk feels good”, Liz said. “As a personal practice, it is so wonderfully varied. It’s also low-cost, completely portable, and infinitely adaptable to your needs. Walking grows with you. In any form, the act of taking a walk will spark gratitude and calm. For me, it is exercise, community connection, and empowerment, all rolled into one.”

Walk with a Doc became a lifeline for Liz during a time of challenges and change which prevented her from staying active. “Discovering the phenomenal Walk with a Doc chapter in Denver, Colorado was one the best things that has ever happened to me in my life, period.” The program has always given her just the encouragement she needs and she considers it a lifelong community.

“Right before moving to the midwest and joining Walk with a Doc most recently, I wasn’t doing any health walks–exactly zero,” Liz said. “Luckily, Walk with a Doc is like a giant reset button. It’s an easy, welcoming, judgment-free zone of support.” She found a new Walk with a Doc program right away to rebuild her momentum and she continues virtually, for now.

For Liz, one of the best parts about Walk with a Doc is that it provides positive walking experiences along with essential health knowledge. “When you participate, you begin to see small changes that lead to big health benefits over time. You start to notice that you’re more confident and you can commit to doing even more for your wellbeing.”

“We walkers are there because we want to learn about, achieve, and maintain the best level of personal health possible. The walk leaders I have had are phenomenal at showing patience and respect for this process of self-efficacy. Walk with a Doc is unique in offering such a high-value mix of health program features. Plus, it’s available in most cities and cost-free.”

Way to go Liz! Thank you for being such an inspiration!